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January 23, 2012

I’ve had a very melancholy past few days. Friday day was great, I had a wonderful sales call, a good afternoon at work, but then I went to kickboxing and my stomach bothered me and I felt really weak and then it was down hill from there.

Saturday I was greeted by snow (I HATE snow) which meant cancelled plans. I made new plans, which were great, but I hate that stupid snow caused this disruption in my life. Plus I think I slept too long on Friday night, which always makes me sad.

Then on Sunday I had a wonderful brunch with one of my current roommates and one of our ex-roommates. Then we tried to go donate blood and I was denied! My hematocrit level was too low. In college I used to get denied all the time since my iron levels were low, but I ate a totally crap diet in college and didn’t take care of myself. It was so frustrating for me to be denied now because I am so careful about what I eat and taking care of myself.

This, combined with the fact that I was 8 (EIGHT!) pounds heavier Sunday morning than I was Friday (I know, water weight, but still, ugh), and my crappy kickboxing experience Friday just made me feel like all my healthy eating, calorie counting, and exercise was for nothing. Clearly not true, but still, a heck of a three things to be experiencing all together.

And I miss the beach. And the sun. Maybe I have the SAD.

Anyway, today was better. I’m still a little out of it, but it is Blue Monday. And you could tell it was Blue Monday by the attitude in my office.

But I had a delicious stir-fry for lunch, had a piece of king cake a co-worker brought back from New Orleans, attended a great kickboxing class, and ate a great dinner. So it’s improving.

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