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Things to Remember

January 15, 2012

I did a whole lot of nothing today. Even though I spent a large portion of my time in Puerto Rico relaxing I still find traveling to be exhausting and I was happy to have a day to recover.

Before I left I was very worried about how I would do with my new years resolutions while traveling and I wondered if the motivation would still be there when I came back? It’s hard to eat right and exercise while traveling and then it’s hard to get back on the wagon when you haven’t been eating right and exercising. Vicious circle.

But I found my time away to be completely restoring and, if it’s possible, I feel more motivated to have a wonder 2012 and reach my goals. In honor of reentering the real world I wanted to write down a few of the feelings I thought/learned in Puerto Rico that I want to remember as I live my regular life…

1. Relax. It’s easy to do on the beach where you have no where to be and nothing that needs to get done, but there’s no need to hurry through life or be impatient or aggressive.

2. If something doesn’t seem so great at first, give it time and keep an open mind. It could turn out to be really amazing. Or at the very least not so terrible.

3. Read more. I finished 5 books on my trip. I love reading, I need to set aside time to do it.

4. Put myself out there and be more social. It’s hard, it’s awkward, but people are generally nice and if they’re not, then you move on.

5. Stop and admire the beauty of what’s around. It might not always be waves crashing on the beach, palm trees, and rainbows, but there is beauty every where and there’s no reason I can’t always be thankful for where I am and what’s around.

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