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The Hotel

January 14, 2012

I spent most of the day traveling so here’s a review of the hotel I stayed in while in Puerto Rico…

I’ve been staying at the Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa which is a Wyndham Grand Resort. I didn’t pick the hotel, it’s where the conference I attended was held, but I thought it was lovely.

I should say that I’ve never been to another Caribbean resort, so I can’t really compare it, but I’ve stayed in many hotels and the staff at the Rio Mar Resort have been some of the most accommodating I’ve encountered and the location is great.

The resort itself is about 40 minutes east of the San Juan airport. It’s surrounded by the ocean on one side and the rain forest on the other. The lobby and other common areas are very nice and classy looking. My room itself is huge and quite nice, although dated. I bought an ocean view room and when I checked it I was told I had a partial ocean view. I thought of complaining but I figured I would check it out first.

What I ended up with was a corner room, I’m the only room at the end of a long hallway, that’s enormous and on the top floor (seventh). And it fully faces the ocean, I just can’t look out all the way to my right. But the view is wonderful.

This is the room, excuse all my crap.

When you come on there’s a foyer with a console and the bathroom and closet are to the left, you have to walk around a corner to get to the main part of the room. This really breaks it up and feels less like a traditional hotel and more luxurious.

And the balcony, which is very large since I have a corner room.

I would absolutely come back here and stay again.

– Off the beaten path, you feel completely secluded
– Not crowded (easy to get elevators, plenty of chairs at the beach and pool), it’s also early January though
– Very friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive staff
– Good price (I paid about $160/night on Expedia)
– Bath and Body Works shower products

– Off the beaten path, a long trip from the airport and there’s no much around except the hotel
– Spotty Internet access, there’s free wi-fi in the lobby, but I could only get it to work in one-half of the lobby my first day here and since then I’ve had no luck connecting. And I’ve been paying $9.99/day for wired internet in my room. If you’re here for vacation probably not a big deal, but when you’re here for business like I am it’s tough.
– Odd water pressure in the shower, it’s strong pressure to start off, but then it gets less strong and colder and alternates between the two
– No screen doors on the balcony. I’d love to leave my door open at night for the breeze and to hear the water, but I don’t want any unwelcome creatures visiting

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