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Greetings from Puerto Rico

January 11, 2012

Oh Puerto Rico. So many thoughts. I landed here last night around midnight, took a cab to the hotel (with a nice cab driver who was from NYC and whose sister is the main news anchor one of the NYC Spanish-language TV stations and, even better, he didn’t kill me) and got here a little after 1am. Even at 1am I could tell the view from my room was pretty sweet.

(Taken during the day, obviously)

Waking up at 6:45am was rough, especially considering I was/am still on Texas time so it felt like 4:45am. By a stroke of good luck I had most of the day off from work. There was a breakfast and panel discussion this morning and then I had 2 8-minute one-on-one sessions (the majority of the conference I’m attending are one-on-one sessions), an hour and a half off, lunch, two hours off, 2 more one-on-one sessions, and then 3 hours off.

So I spent a lot of time at the beach.

It was pretty great.

Oh and I got to wear my new beach coverup, I think it’s pretty cute.

(I don’t know why my head looks so large)

Around 5pm I left the beach because it got chilly. I went and sat on my balcony and watched the sunset.

It sounds cheesy, but I was sitting out there, reading my book and I was just so thankful for everything in my life. Even though I’m exhausted, I don’t really know anyone at the conference, and technology in Puerto Rico is pretty spotty, it didn’t matter. It was just so peaceful and gorgeous.

It made me realize why these people on House Hunters International buy these generic places in the Caribbean.

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