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A Surprise Trip to San Antonio

January 9, 2012

I expected to spend today in Austin with my co-worker who came in this morning. I expected to pick her up at the airport and then show her around Austin. As we were driving to lunch we passed a highway sign for San Antonio and I said that I always wanted to go there. And she suggested we just go. So we did! Gotta love adventurous co-workers.

We drove down to San Antonio, about an hour and fifteen minute drive, and stopped off at the Country Line for lunch. I loved, loved, loved the garlic mashed potatoes (can you say buter and sour cream??), but didn’t really care for the brisket, peppered turkey, or ribs. But the mashed potatoes were phenomenal.

The Alamo totally made up for it though. My brother and I were big fans of the Davy Crockett movie when we were kids and, although I always turned it off before he went and died, I have still always wanted to see the Alamo.

Things I learned: they lost the battle of the Alamo; the distinctive top arch of the building was added in the 1850s, 15 or so years after the famous Battle of the Alamo; and that the famous building was the mission, the whole grounds were really what they were fighting for.

You could go in the mission and look around, which was really interesting, but it was very small. The monk’s quarters had more of a museum-quality to them and we spent a while in there.

There was this really cool Texas Christmas tree right outside the Alamo.

After looking around the Alamo (didn’t take long) we walked over to the Riverwalk.

I know I’m going to sound like a snobby New Yorker but I wasn’t really impressed. I’m sure with warm weather, sun, and a bunch of people it would have a great atmosphere, but I thought the whole thing just seemed a bit forced. My co-worker and I both agreed that there was a lack of authenticity in San Antonio.

That said, I was happy we went and I loved seeing the Alamo.

We drove back to Austin and stopped in at BookPeople where I bought this great book. I highly recommend going to BookPeople if you go to Austin. It’s everything a bookstore should be and their staff recommendations are really great and it’s such a nice thing to see.

I was pretty exhausted at this point so we went for a quick dinner at Max’s Wine Dive (great name). I had the grilled cheese and tomato soup (delicious) and we split the toffee coffee brownie for dessert (amazing).

Tomorrow it’s the business I’m actually here for and then I’m off to Puerto Rico!

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