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December 30, 2011

December 30, 2011

I started off my day with a run. It was unseasonably warm today.

Sadly RunKeeper malfunctioned. I did not run 3.27 miles in 31:12. Back in the day, absolutely, now? No way. It kind of sucks because I was running really fast and I think it could have been my fasted run in a while. Damn you, RunKeeper.

I came home, took the dogs for a walk, ate breakfast, watched House Hunters, took a shower and then ventured out into civilization. I say ventured out into civilization because I hadn’t left my parents’ house, except to walk the dogs and go running, since Saturday. Talking to humans that weren’t my parents or brother was weird. Just kidding. It’s kind of worrisome how easily I could apparently because a hermit.

I was excited to go out because I got to wear my new boots hadn’t been out in a while.


I went to Target, Michael’s (INSANE lines), and to get a slice of pizza and garlic knots (my favorite thing ever).

Sophie and her pizza crust

Sophie guarded my last piece of pizza.

Then I watched more House Hunters, purchased the second season of Mistresses from Amazon, made my family dinner, and watched more House Hunters.

So pretty much the ideal day for a semi-hermit.

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